Heat-Related Sicknesses – Getting Ready for Hot Wisconsin Summers

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So far this time of year, we've encountered a fair amount of extreme weather - serious storms, high winds, hail, torrential rains, high heat and humidity. Just a taste of the summer to come, and it's only mid May in Wisconsin On the major side though, now is the moment to take safety measures for the summer ahead of us. In Wisconsin we have it all - hot (sometimes scorching hot) summers, cool and colorful autumns, and cold (sometimes harsh) winters. Heat Symptoms & What To Do In the Continue Reading ...

Three Clear Indications That Your AC Unit Is Damaged

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Summer season has arrived in Wisconsin and air conditioners throughout the state are being used all day long. No matter if you have a central air conditioning system or an AC equipment installed in a window, you must always check to make sure it is operating appropriately. Professionals near Waukesha WI, who are skilled in air conditioning replacement and repair service, suggest that Wisconsin citizens apply these tips to identify whether or not their systems are working properly: Poor Air Continue Reading ...

Frequent Mistakes in Handling AC Unit You Need to Prevent

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An air conditioner serves an important portion of your HVAC system. It is very important that you use it properly to ensure that the entire equipment performs effectively for you and your family. Otherwise, the unit won't be able to work completely and perform its purpose. When purchasing and setting up air conditioning in Waukesha, there are mistakes to avoid. Here are some of them: Choosing the Wrong The size of your air conditioning should depend on the size of your space. Don't believe Continue Reading ...

Maintenance in Spring

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Along with the warm temperature we've been experiencing, I'm sure you've heard the hum of air conditioning units going on in your area. If you haven't already, you may want to have your unit checked and checked out prior to the cooling period strikes full swing. Several things could need help from a Waukesha air conditioning or heating specialist, but there are some things you may do on your own to offset potential issues. There are some simple things you could do to help to strengthen your Continue Reading ...

Air Conditioning Unit Lifespan

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Warm temperature has finally arrived! Is your air conditioner up to the task of maintaining you cool this summer? How old is your AC system ? In the event that it is older than 12-15 years old, you might prefer to think about replacing it with a new, more effective and eco-friendly model. When considering whether or not to replace your current system, a few factors you may wish to think about are the age, efficiency, and condition of the system. If any of these factors is problematic, Continue Reading ...